Patience... little monsters.

If you have magically stumble upon this site... Please excuse the current appearance-we are fine tuning a few more details. I hope you like what you see so far and come visit soon as we will be up and running very shortly. Just a few more weeks... and daily updates will follow. Pinky swear with glitter on top. 


image credits: not me

-if you don't know shame you...

the first image is Banksy's Balloon Girl followed by:

-image  from Kirsten Dunst's latest movie Bastard

-screen shot from Tom Ford's A Single Man (my current film obsession) 

Beauty is an Illusion...

...but Love is not a Fantasy.

Beautifully written. Beautifully inked. Beautifully placed. You get the point.

Major Tomm

I love ME a platinum in black moment in OH so many ways. And there's no better combination of these two then my dearest-Tomm. We met on a styling job and I simply adore this creature along with his amazing black articles of clothing. Don't even get me started on those black patent YSL shoes to which he so beautifully added an inch of height to just for extra amaze-factor accentuating his already tall stature. 

These are the moments I live for... sigh. 

And to another amazing creature... David Bowie's "Space Oddity"-song reference.

I'll take a golden ticket please ...

Aaaah the holidays have got me on a gold rush... I want the jewels, the sparkles, brocade, feathers, leather-I want it all and I need to have it NOW.  Ok maybe I'm a touch extreme, excuse me while I take a breath. 

Top image is a close-up of an Oscar de la Renta vintage skirt available at the lovely Church Boutique in LA.  The second image is a certain fabulous gentlemen wearing Gold Chanel's... I mean perfection most definitely

The above image is from the backstage shots that can be found on the Chanel-News site. An absolutely stunning show to say the least and one of my personal favorites of the year. I would tell you where that beautious glitter face is from but I can't recall, so please fill in if you know and I will be happy to credit. Now if only I can find a way to throw glitter on my face everyday I could live a glimmering happy existence... 

Imagine Fashion has a beautiful article on this show...

(”The idea was the clothes would shimmer, just like the mosaics,” noted Karl’s sounding board, super chic Lady Amanda Harlech, as uber model Baptiste Giabiconi sauntered by in a stunning sweater.)

And with all this Byzantine inspired loveliness from Chanel, one can't forget the pure GENIUS of Alexander McQueen's last collection for Fall 2010. Perhaps a certain Mr. Lagerfeld took some inspiring notes? Me thinks. Nonetheless both are simply breath-taking. 

-Additional images and a mini-video of the epic

-Lovely video tribute to McQ by Nick Knight on

Leopard Moment

Neon + Leopard = Love. OH and that ring, LCD Soundsystem would be proud.

Pow. Pow. Pow.

(song reference)

November Reading

The above article is an interview of Mr. Marc Jacobs. 

I have always been crazy, crazy in love with magazines. Maybe its my slight ADD that loves the abbreviated nature of the writing or my visual obsession which leads me to search for the latest and greatest glimpse of beauty. These days in particular with British publications ( i.e. Purple/Another/Another Man/Dazed & Confused...) -the more avant-garde the more I obsess. I can pretty much spend hrs/days/weeks/you get the idea-completely drowned in them. And this was one of those moments...

The glasses are from Opening Ceremony [by Charles Anastase x Linda Farrow.]


I met Brittany during NY Fashion Week and could not have been more in love this gal, in total fashion girl crush terms that is. I have never seen anyone put as much thought and creativity into their outfits as she does. She is like a walking editorial and it is absolutley fabulous. My only regret is that I don't come to NY more often so that I can see and take pictures of what she's wearing everyday.

(The first image is outside Lincoln Center during the SP11 shows and the second image was taken at the Mulberry show.)

I Dream of Redheads

and BOWS because of Mulberry. That is...

Nothing has ever had me want to dye my hair a crazy bright shade of red and cover myself in bows as much as the Mulberry Spring 2011 show. Such a beautiful show and what an amazing set-up at the Soho house. 

Fun backstage video on Mulberry's website.


I shall see you next week. Leaving home for the holidays for now.

Till then. Sweet Dreams. And don't miss me too much. 


Jeremy Scott

Is too cool for school and I kind have a new obsession with him. I want it all and pretty much need it /must to have it NOW.  OK maybe not the pastrami dress but the rest-I need in my life ASAP. These are some images I took during the SP11 show. 

OH and that wedding dress that closed the show. Was pretty much genius. The whole room stood up and went wild when this walked down. Including a certain Kanye West and Ms. Kelly Osborne.  

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